About | SMI.nted Inc.

What We do
SMI.nted Inc. provides Digital Media and Marketing solutions for artists, small business and start-up’s wanting to take it to the next level.

  • Pre-Start-up consultation [Business Name and S.E.O Analytics before $investing and registration] *Recommended*
  • Digital Photography: Portrait, Studio, Advertising, Marketing
  • Videography: Portrait, Studio, Advertising, Marketing
  • Media Bundles: Photography, Videography, Social Media
  • Search Engine Education + Optimisation (SEO)
  • Digital Footprint Analysis, Strategy +  Optimisation
  • Digital Media Strategy and Management
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Social Media Set-up, Optimisation, Strategy, Education and Management

Who We Are
Our passions are Photography, Videography, Styling, Humour, and powerful imagery – We are producers of simple/complexity and of  contrast in light and shade.

SMI.nted Inc. is the result of a business merger between Anna Scott and Jason Vandepeer.

Anna Scott
Ex-News TV Video Journalist/Media Professional, Anna Scott, has a background in Media, specialising in Digital Marketing and Anthropology (Semiotics, Media, Urban Culture and Trends). With 15+ years in retail and wholesale Marketing and Small Business Management, Anna is an experienced and qualified Business, Media and Project Management specialist, with a background in art, culture and design.

Anna’s acute sense of nuance, what’s important and impactful, combines with her passion for media styling, narrative story-telling and a broad understanding of business and industry, to provide an intensely rich and multi-faceted approach to Creative Direction at SMI.nted Inc. .

Jason Vandepeer
Jason injects ‘serious geek’  into SMI.nted Inc, with a great sense of humour and an appreciation for structure and organisation.

A seasoned IT and Systems Engineer from the rise of computers (remember punch cards?), Jason provides accurate SEO analysis and optimisation, with integration strategies for all your digital assets.

Jason proudly brings his exceptional attention to detail and eye for light into his passion for photography. An experienced and exceptionally versatile  photographer, Jason delivers beautiful portraits, landscapes and is well known for his well-timed event and sports photography; from parties to huge national shows.

In the studio is where the magic happens; the partnership between Anna and Jason combines lighting specialist with design composition to create stunning fashion, advertising and commercial photography. Jason’s technical understanding of light; both natural and flash, translates to produce images that rival  some the best in the world.

Working together, Anna and Jason create concepts, marketing and strategies that cut through noise to grow your business. Self-confessed Social Media Junkies, Jason’s 10+ years in Website Design, SEO and Small Business Management, combined with Anna’s Experience and skills in Media, Design, Project Management, wholesale and retail Business, Promotions, Media and Journalism, serve to round out the powerful and multi-skilled Media and Marketing team that is SMI.nted Inc.

What we can do for you
We understand Small Business. We understand Start-up’s. We know that you want to compete. We know that you want market presence. We know how to cut through.

We also know that you don’t have a huge budget, so we specialise in delivering solid digital media that maximises your exposure and bang for your buck! – and we have a unique way to achieve it – ask us how.

Whatever you have in mind, we are here to make it happen!

Why SMI.nted ?
A lot of people have struggled pronouncing SMI.nted and wonder why we chose the name and what SMI.nted means to us.

SMI.nted started out as “Social Media Integration”, (SMI).
We started out by maximising the digital footprint of our customers through integrating, optimising and ensuring that all media assets were seen by all the search Engines.

We all know how challenging it can be to maintain the 1-5 ranking on the first page of Google – So instead of throwing $$$$$ at SEO tweaks that last a week or two, we optimise and create content that waves a giant red flag at the Search Engine’s that gets their attention and keeps it there.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a tri-pronged fork anymore –  it got more sophisticated and so did we.

The “.nted” part of SMI.nted is part of our brand and marketing – When our customers have engaged our success strategies, you have effectively been “SMI.nted” and you’ll get a sticker, more online fans, traffic and business to prove it.

We  have combined what we love and what we are great at;

  • We Love to see people and businesses succeed
  • We love to create content; Photography, Videography, Social Media and Graphics that your customers love
  • We love to optimise your media assets, so that you get the most out of your investments
  • We love to create events that launch your media, brand, and campaigns
  • We love to support, share ideas and give back to the wider community
  • We love to create business networks that support each other

You know that thing called SEO? – well, we’ve nailed it with SMI.nted Inc. – We own the namespace and we can show you how  to as well – We’d love to  hear from you and share our creativity, passions and success with you